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Dr. Hailee Dover 

Dr. Hailee Dover headshot

Dr. Hailee Dover is a registered Naturopathic doctor in Durango, CO. She specializes in traditional modalities that stimulate the healing power of nature. She communicates with the vital force that governs the mind, body and spirit in order to stimulate the innate ability we all have to heal. Whether you are struggling with a chronic condition or an acute issue, there are a wide variety of natural resources that can be utilized to help. Dr. Dover likes to work with her patients on a deep level and believes that when we create the conditions for health we can reduce and eliminate dis-ease. Taken from her life experience, she likes to instill the faith that joy can be found, no matter what our life circumstances and sometimes we just require a little extra help from Mother Nature.


Her roots began in Durango where she was born and raised. She remembers growing up along the river in the Animas Valley where her mother always had a garden. Raising animals and harvesting homegrown veggies is where she learned to appreciate and respect the vital force that propels all of life. She has always been very sensitive to the needs and suffering of others and grew up nurturing her friends and family when they struggled. Dr. Dover has always had an intense curiosity for learning and decided as a young child that she would like to become a doctor. She attended college at Oklahoma State University and The University of Washington where she earned her degree in Anthropology. She later attended Bastyr University in Seattle, WA where she received her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine.


Outside of her training, through life, loss, love and death, Dr. Dover has learned that the human spirit is extremely resilient and capable of wondrous things. There is more to this world than what meets the eye. We should look to our ancestors and nature to teach us and to nurture us throughout this magic, tragic, beautiful life that we are blessed to live.


Dr. Dover followed her heart and recently moved back home to Durango. She lives with her husband, two young daughters and their dog out in the beautiful Durango countryside. Her favorite things to do, when not working in her clinic, are reading, writing, playing with her family, infusing love into her cooking and soaking up nature.

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